Customer Support Portal

The Enterprise package also comes with your own customer support portal. To set this up, go to "Setup > Company Settings" and click the edit button on one of your companies.

Enter something in the "Subdomain" field.

For example, if you entered "acme-industries", your customer support web address would be

The following sections are available on your portal:
  • Support
    • Create Ticket - Your visitors can create a support ticket that will appear in your Xploite system
    • Knowledge Base - Create articles inside Xploite for your customers to view on your portal
    • View Tickets - Customers can view all of their tickets
  • Invoices - Customers can view their invoices
  • Prices - Customers can view their custom prices
  • Login - Customers can login to your portal (you need to give them a login inside Xploite)

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